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Environment Policy

The environment policy of FISTIK TEXTILE, designated to be respectful to nature in every period of production;

By corresponding to all laws and regulations related to protecting environment and decreasing and preventing environment pollution,

By performing its production with technologies and techniques which decreases natural resource consumption and not hazardous to human health,

By performing practice economy in energy and basic material consumption while paying attention to production and efficiency in all kinds of service given,

By practicing exercises in line with reusing, recycling, decreasing all kinds of waste disposal,

FISTIK TEXTILE is prevalent to be a model in its sector by raising awareness of its employees, customers and suppliers from the day it founded and with the environmental consciousness and care for the nature and human health.


About Us

Commercial activities started in the later 70's by FISTIK Trading Company started to manufacture the years ahead. FISTIK TEXTILE who...[more]

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