We Are Strong With Our Stakeholders

Dear Our Stakeholders,

We had opportunity to work in diverse regions of the World by our trade operations started in the beginning of 1970s. In line with our strong export experience and changes in the dynamics of the world we decided to focus on textile sector as fabric producer in 1996.

As Fıstık Textile, our goal is to be a preferred, reliable, transparent partner for our stakeholders. Our road map is to provide innovative solutions in textile sector by considering the changes in the sector and developments in the world. In this context, we follow the changes the sector closely, and invest in our equipment, R&D, technologic infrastructure regularly.

We work to find solutions on time to global and domestic demands with our 200 member team, and 500ton/month production capacity in line with international quality standards.

Our corporate strategy to contribute country economy and employment rate through sustainable growth and protecting world sources. In this direction, our objective is to improve the international network of our company, which exports to 16 countries.

Our story maintaining for a quarter of a century, continues without compromising quality and customer oriented approach. Progressing dynamically since it is founded, Fıstık Textile will be represent our country and sector with honour.

Fistik Tekstil

Management Team